ICMC - Harmonic Matrix Theory Print
Written by D. Bond   
Tuesday, 02 August 2011 17:27

Presented at International Computer Music Conference and Subtle Technologies, 2011 [poster sessions]. 


Email me if you'd like a larger, more legible version of this poster. Somewhat easier to follow than the paper, I now know that this poster and the paper deeply gouge the surface of this subject but there is still more to be done. Already the hybrid matrices and variable, irregular dimensional structures beg for more attention.

Many thanks to those who visited the poster and tested out the devices.

The ustring equation was not published. define q as the matrix dimension then values are given by:

n>0 = q/(q-n)

n<0 = (q-|n|)/q

then Eureka! Quite simple - in one step: (q/(q-|x|+1))^(x/|x|).

My bad for not solving this prior to publication.

Copies of the ICMC paper available here -external link. Feedback and inquiries most welcome.

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