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Written by D. Bond   
Sunday, 23 May 2010 10:34

A seminal work of Dr.Doba's was found online!


The Pan-Dimensional Piano Hour

‘... to be listened to from any point in the recording, for any length of time, up to (at most) one hour, perhaps from another room, preferably while doing dishes, or quite possibly, dusting.

Dr. Doba is virtuoso of the harmonic hyper-cube & professor emeritus of accostic acoustics & other associated atrocities at the Aldeberon Academy of Ascendant Arts and Acerbic Aesthetics.'

The Pan-Dimensional Piano Hour is an early work using an un-modulating Harmonic Matrix. Two random sets [1-16] were multiplied into a net of available ratio relationships. This large set was subdivided for four voices. Adapted granular synthesis techniques were applied to a single piano sample, middle 'D'. Sample position, light effects processing, selection probabilities and tempo, were controlled using 'the winds of chaos' - a sliding noise matrix linked to an unending, additive formal process.  

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