Music & Mathematics

The Harmonic Matrix© is presented as the basis for common relationships involved in music: pitch, rhythm, harmony, timbre, etc. Applications of the matrix go far beyond music into physics, geometry, biology, mind, et al., and form the basis for a natural philosophy where the extremes of dualism find harmony in a medial identity.

Also included here: sketchy comments & incomplete expositions of relevant research, new findings, techniques and discoveries, and perhaps a few musical examples for your listening pleasure.

  • The Harmonic Matrix   ( 19 Articles )
    A dense article summary followed by the original paper broken into chapters.
  • Theoretical Papers   ( 22 Articles )

    Presented here, further discussions and findings related to

    The Harmonic Matrix© 

    & other theoretical musings. Enjoy.

  • Harmonic Go   ( 10 Articles )


    Black or white?
    Oh, no sir, I never take sides. I just serve tea at the end. 
    Kisses, Grey fan.


  • Online Opera   ( 57 Articles )


    Skteches, scenes, arias & ditties from 'Please DO not **use Wet Paint'

  • Music Lessons, Instruction, Collaboration   ( 5 Articles )

    Teaching musical freedom through improvisation, technique, harmony, theory, ear training, reading, writing, arithmetic, technology. Learn to "communicate" in sound, and command the language of music.