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Philosophic Examinations

Why these strange cults of the past?

Can I live without belief?

If I were to invent my own view, interpretation from experience, what would it be?

Do I need explanations at all?

What is truth? What is the nature of imitation? similarity?

Why this obsession with origination?

Can I forget about the future?

What right do I have to explore such things? Or is it absolutely unavoidable? 

Why does this annoy people so much?

This section is the result of a personal journey, 'learning to learn.' It should be deleted, I know, yet I let the carcass hang in hopes it reminds me one day to "just shut up".



  • Questions not asked   ( 43 Articles )

    These are personal musings from the notebooks.

    Should they be asked, or are they too distracting?


  • Articles & Observations   ( 34 Articles )
    Articles & Observations written following public research discussions, dialogues, conversations.