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Written by D. Bond   
Monday, 23 August 2010 14:01

the more i write like this, the crazier I seem.

don't worry about telling me this, i already know.



look! a guy selling crabcakes!




do you like crabcakes?


not particularly.


neither do I.

[they pass by]


masses of people try to fit in with the prevailing opinions, attitude and belief systems. learn the rules, dogma, tricks, and traps and voila! you belong.

please learn to doubt.

k said it, and i heard [so did Milarepa and Guatama too]: you've got to give your life to it. you've got to give everything you've got.

to live in this body, trapped as a solitary awareness in this environment, is essential, inescapable. whatever delusions of interpretation you uncover, the observer remains. what is the nature of this abstraction?

there is a physical difference between meditating on the abstract and meditating on sensation. starting with sensation, there is a state of mind that dissociates the observed sensory experience from the observer. instead of searching the external, the observer is viewed an abstraction looking inwards, feeling, thinking, remembering, sensing etc. and in this forms abstraction quite separate from sensation. Now the task is to use sensation to separate out an abstract observer. The iterative quality of this shift in perspective tends to short-circuit itself.

how impossible it is to understand meditation while embroiled in the pursuit of acceptance. deep, undisturbed solitude and silence is required. 

whatever turmoil may arise in the world, protect this rare silence. 


with some trepidation, I pre-load Susskind's Cosmology Lecture 4. But now its likely a study in why does these young bright minds buy into these theories? why has susskind bought into them himself? why don't we look for other explanation that obey the visible data, before conjecturing about things we can't see? 


if dr. suss were right we would expect along the edge of the universe where things move faster than light away, that there may be a galaxy moving just about the speed of light, with something in orbit around it. this thing would then blink into and out of existence.

how can things be outside the limit of observable and still be the form of galaxies?  i thought they were just "random photons bounding around out there."

0:38 its nice to see that 'rho not' is constant. it makes sense that something that doesn't exist doesn't change.

i've never seen such shooting fast and loose in mathematics ever. what's the deal with lack of rigour?

0:55 this w must tend to 1/3 of the volume of a space. it certainly cannot be 0. to introduce a constant and then assume it can = 0 is the height of absurdity in my understanding of mathematics, limited as it is. the box would have to be totally empty to have no pressure.

hold on. what's dark matter got to do with the pressure of the box with various materials?

before i watch further. there is two kinds of material, energy, which exerts a pressure, and materials that exert significantly less. the sum of that pressure would decrease if there were such thing as expansion of the universe. there is an energy in the box. it has a density proportional to volume. increase the volume and the pressure decreases as the energy stays the same. the energy of matter, stored as material is stable. the light energy density would then change the pressure providing the matter is not emitting light. yes? no?

1:53 describing the big crunch: 'now we don't believe in this anymore' AHA CAUGHT YOU!

1:59 Now hold on, you just finished deriving 8/3piGrho_not by plugging in 1 as c. Now you're going to use it to determine a distance for c?

they just busted it open and missed it. if i see something beyond surface of last scattering it appears so redshifted as to to not be detectable, and that is what we see, viewing 3k radiation, no?

in this case the 3k background is not remnants of the big bang. that light would be long gone by now. if what we're seeing is stuff that was already emitted from something that was somwheres long ago. this makes the creation a circular argument.

the universe is already expanded beyond horizon of last scattering based on c. 

that was a good line of questions at the end that the good dr wouldn't listen to. pity.


ok. that's it. i've had enough:

I can't watch this man scarf down any more cookies as he preaches cosmic dogma in that sing-song tone.

no mo'





musical observation:

sliding from x to y where x=a/c, y=b/d is the same as sliding a to b, c to d.

eg. sliding from 10/4 to 3/2 is equivalent to sliding from 2.5 to 1.5 linearly, but becomes funky when quantized [funky = more steps].


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Written by D. Bond   
Tuesday, 31 August 2010 10:45


i am calm. resigned. i will lose technology too. even this cannot be helped.

internet service cut for days, down to mere dial-up speeds, there is no hope to work online, to study, research.

waiting for repairs, I am in the library using their connection. 


declaring a War of Creation, I rouse an army of angels to battle at my side.

for music is power & I intend to rule.


i am not pure, for then i would not know the stakes for which this battle is waged, so I see what is, having removed myself from the whorl. 

if the penalty is silence, i acquiesce.


UnTwelve announces its 2nd annual composition competition

We are delighted to offer yet again a unique opportunity for composers and
for the budding field of new tunings, temperaments, and microtonality! We
are looking for NEW works in any medium (do not send us things which were
sitting on your shelf, or things you have already released in any
manner---the idea is that this competition spurs you creativity NOW) which
reflect the potential of using tunings/temperaments other than 12-equal.

First prize is $400.00 (USD). We will also recognize 2nd and 3rd place
finalists, but these prizes will carry no cash award.

Here are the rules and regulations:

The contest is international. You may be of any nationality, or any age, to enter
Work and online application data must be presented to us by the deadline of
Dec. 15th, 2010
Works are to be judged on their final recorded form in FLAC audio format.
Scores will not be considered; in fact, you will have no means to send us a score.
Works must be between 5 and 10 minutes in length
Works must be in a tuning or temperament other than 12-tone equal
temperament, and should NOT be in a closely related temperament to 12-equal
such as a Baroque well-temperament. Suggested example tunings: Just
Intonation (preferably exploiting sonorities beyond the 5-limit traditional
triad), Wilson 'CPS tunings' like the Dekany or Eikosany, any non-12 equal
division of the octave, the Bohlen-Pierce scale, or any other such
non-octave scale, tunings invented by the composer based on mathematical
principles or formulae, etc.
No fee is required to enter
UnTwelve reserves the right to grant no prize if no piece is determined to
be of sufficient quality.
The panel of judges will be formally annouced in mid-September

To enter the composition competition, visit:.

Feel free to spread the word of this competition far and wide. We are
interested in spreading the reach of our mission, and as such welcome the
ability to encourage composers out of our normal communicative reach!

We look forward to hearing your work!

The UnTwelve crew <>


so another goal i had already planned on tackling:

the composition will be between 3-10 minutes in length. length is indeterminate until actual production of the work. the section of absolute time will be generated, drawn out in graphical representations, and then filled in.

strange: ratio_metro works, but not as an object. i won't question this.

have I been deceiving myself, thinking that collaboration and musical dialogues will increase the rate my music develops? it can be a solitary art, but there is a joy missing: the drum, the dance, the movement of minds working together.

is this too high an ideal in this insular, fearful world?







2010.09.01 I would like to register a complaint.
My internet service went down last Thursday. A rude, condescending tech support person told me that it was my hardware. I phoned Apple. It was not. I tested everything and concluded, wrongly, that it must be the speedstream box, which I exchanged on Friday for a connectTed. But still no joy. I arranged a service call for Sunday. I waited all day 8 a.m.-2p.m. before going downstairs to find a note saying the 'problem originates in your location, but we cannot access' [or something like that]. Whatever the service guy did however, allowed me to reconnect, but at a very slow rate ~25kbs. This is 10 times slower than the advertised rate of 256 kbs, and less than modem dial-up. Finally, today [Wednesday] a service representative actually showed up. He tried to convince me that 25 kbs was normal[? absurd that highspeed light should be less than dial-up- come on!] However, the call resulted in an upgrade to my connection. The only reason: service rep, John, was polite and helpful.
Now, there are a whole lot of problems with the service I received during this episode:
1. rude phone support
2. long wait times on hold
3. inaccurate reports, biased information being recorded as part of the ticket [I know you have me listed as 'difficult customer' -wouldn't you be? but John told me that "I was to disconnect my internet" according to his info -news to me!]
4. improper details online - 'up to 256 kbs' is the speed of service listed on your info pages. This is slower than dial-up and misleading advertising when most readers will assume 256 kBs, not kbs. I do believe this is false advertising and a letter to the better business bureau and editor of the local newspapers is clearly warranted. How is it you can't provide above 'dial-up' speeds to customers when charging 'high speed light' rates?
5. service appointments scheduled where no one shows up adding insult to injury by posting a bogus note on the door saying they couldn't access the location [- didn't once ring the buzzer or attempt to telephone].
6. one week [6 days] of internet service paid for but not received.
7. a nerfed internet plan that was once working fine, but now has forced me to upgrade to a more expensive plan just to maintain workable speeds.
8. let's not even begin to discuss the aggravation of having to go through all this reconfiguring, testing, failing, phoning, wondering,and being given bad information by your 'experts'[it was not 'my hardware'!].
I expect my bill will be adjusted to account for the loss of service, and an apology would be most welcome to account for my loss of time. MTS, it is only because John was helpful and I am sick of slow internet trouble and didn't want to deal with changing email addresses and having to reconfigure my system with a new provider that you didn't lose me as a customer. After 15 years as a loyal customer, I am appalled.
D Bond


I wonder why I bother sometimes.



Having read a few creation myths, it seems most likely that the stories that persist are those of told by the creators themselves. Re-enacting or enacting as the case may be, a story in the search for meaning and understanding.

I am that man searching for meaning. I am the one doing the re-enactment. I see myself throughout all history, time and space, carrying out this pointless task.

Can the pattern ever be stopped?

Of course, just accept what someone else has told you, then you have no reason to search for anything.




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Written by D. Bond   
Wednesday, 10 November 2010 10:59

a whole month since the last installment?






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Written by D. Bond   
Wednesday, 02 February 2011 13:10


Where's Céline?


Mexico? Guatemala?


at a time like this? when the whole universe is breaking apart?


what's wrong?




Now who's being dramatic?


I never got to make a speech and Doba is still in his room wailing, refusing to come out. Boda is poisoning himself eating moldy bread and rotten bananas! 

& there's NO DOCUMENTATION at all. It wasn't supposed to be "AREA EMPTY".

How long shall we have to wait to show that work again? Months? Years? And will we want to?

It is lost. It is all lost.

And moreover, no future prospects.


you're right. we wanted to move on. now we've got this work that still has not been preserved. we needed some kind of record of it. are you sure the tapes are useless?


mostly. worse, embarrassing. anyone seeing that would say "why won't they show the whole thing? what's wrong with  the other side?" ergo we show nothing.




not a drop.


tea time!



Doba has stolen Boda's dope, now smokes it incessantly. He is curled in front of his computer terminal watching reruns of Richard Feynman, holding back tears and yelling at the screen:

No! Richard, just because a threshold has to be met before an electron is kicked out doesn't mean that light is corpuscular! As a wave, many waves would lap up against the electron until enough crests coincided to kick it out into the photomultiplier. That's the point of detection. Please, isn't this worth considering?

Doba smokes another bowl.


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Written by D. Bond   
Friday, 04 February 2011 10:53

just as I consult Pythagoras, or Bucky, or John Cage in my mind, [or even Gautama the Buddha! for that matter] there is certainty for me that those of the future consult me regarding the harmonic matrix. they come to me all the time!

if only i had time to implement all of their suggestions! lol

if only people of today would put aside their comparisons and see the beauty of what I'm describing.

certainly I cannot today compete with 700 years of tradition in notation and instrumentation, but I'm setting the ground now for the next 1000 years to come. there will be hybrids and various branches, but the method by which I describe music will form the basis of theoretical discussions to come. no doubt.

don't believe me? then look at it. the 12-tone, scalar, linear idea of music is useful but limited, not correct, irreconcilable with acoustic facts. the harmonic matrix relates the harmonic series to the physical string and opens the mind to a whole new perspective on pitch and harmony that when understood, beyond the math, at its core, is much simpler and more elegant than current music theory.

this is my conceit and my consolation.


i feel i have engaged in a terrific battle. my opponents and friends alike look on wondering how i still stand after the immense damage i have sustained.

should they be surprised? there is resiliency in desperation,

and rage.


in the game of go, a battle ensues: black attacks white. black wins the corner, gets what it wants. a result which might be considered better for black, has only resulted in white gaining thickness and influence.

thick white bark & long roots deep. 

white cuts.

trust me. i have quite enough room to make life. moreover i will connect all my surrounded groups.

the board is quite larger than any of you might suppose.


so then, i begin "the composition"



infinite shades of grey -

wouldn't have it any other way.



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