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Written by D. Bond   
Wednesday, 06 January 2010 12:02

Corporate Whipping Boy, Mr. Bond reports from the frontlines:

After the torturous ordeal inflicted upon me for the past year by those despicable task masters at the Institute, finally a moment of delight.

The journey began with the theme 'obstacles and omissions'. The colour blue: the dream catcher, the agar agar, the cosmetic mirror, then the perilous crossing of downtown, filled with its blue extension cords, plugged-in cars arranged in a tangled mess of jolts and sparks across the city.

The site prepared, and done quickly, easily, effortlessly. Already consecrated, sanctified, purified, there is no obstacle here. Indeed, accommodation, assistance, belief, laughter and smiles, are the order of the day. My great diva darlings are so protective, so very beautiful, so sensible and efficient.

Reliving 'the clean sweep' in minutes, not hours, and leaving a facsimile of the speaker's chair on site, I head off to request the use of sacred fire, for when it is time to destroy the body of the universe, no ordinary flames will do.

Asking last summer 'where is the spark, what is the connection?' finally the answer in blue arises. Not cops, surely! But the drum, the south, the precious balance to the heat of the eternal flames that have supported modern life, be they the fires to cook upon, to warm the body, or the electric currents coursing through the city, or the synaptic fires that drive sensation and thought.

Before all this, the last sacred colour remained elusive, too hot to touch, but now, the water protects as the gift of fire is attained.

No Prometheus I, for I stole nothing, asking with deep respect the Keepers of the Sacred Flame, for the passing of energy.

In the tipi, the fire burned for 36 hours, and I arrive just in time, a few hours before its extinguishment. 

Imbued with the gifts of the ancestors, figures of string: many stars, the cat's cradle, the crab, the door, crow's feet

The elder shows me his parachute, and I respond with the old 'crow's feat'!

Offered a red bag filled with tobacco, we are led inside the tent, to hear the drum, the song, to make a prayer, and burn the offering.

What prayer is there when all wishes are ended? I tie the white string to the red bag and throw it to the flames [yes, there is reason behind this theory about strings] and yank the burning end from the fire. Blackened, it will preserve the energy of the fire until it is needed to finish the great mandalic work.

Inside the tipi, I have left my gLoves, and with bows and apollo-Geez, I return to collect them again. 

As a final gift, I present Disaster Man, not yellow, white, black or red, but like everyone in the world, brown & dun. 

The string now rests in the crystal skull, and all the elements of the world are united. The entire universe and all its myriad sentient beings flow through this mind as water, fall like crystal snows, released to the convex freedom in the planes of infinite space, held together by the mass and mud of earth, the gravity grave. Nothing to fear, nothing to dream. 

It seems so small, so obscure, but as the doctors have said all along, that is why it works. That one could attempt such a thing at such a time, employing great diligence, discipline, with sincere confidence and firm determination ensures success, not as a cliche but as a perceived fact. No rewards are needed, no increase, no revulsion, no restrictions.

Such small potatoes - so darkly roasted, burnt and dun. They are most delicious!


When the universe conspires to instruct, what mortal dare refuse? In astonishment and delight, dissolved in laughter, I realize a second fire, from the very mount of Olympus itself is to pass through this spot, unite with the ancient fires of this sacred land, and continue its journey on fleet footed wings to the western lands. The people gather to celebrate, to rejoice. What more special honour can this wretched bug of ignorance endure?

Only this: the vigour of youth!

And there across the divide that keeps open the track for the Hermetic flame, the sincerest inquisitive mind of last summer smiles and waves. There is no doubt now between us, and the look of incredulous skeptical dismay darkens a companion's face.

There is no need for speech, the vista of time bridged by the macroscopic and microscopic united in the fractal body of essential mind, a priori, intrinsic to the all of being.

Ecstatic! let the fires burn, let the torch light the way, to follow the track, the lines, the strings and etchings of the planet and the pathways of conscious mind, carve out a new path for the road exists to be followed, yet never moves itself.

Let the cheers of the crowds roar, compete, united in division only to find a divided unity!  

No buzzard will pick at this liver again! From the flames, out of the ashes, Prometheus returns the stolen spark to the gods, and for that, eternity awaits.



you call that a report? excellent diction!


what the hell is that supposed to mean? sensory overload - I love it!

DR DOBA [basso profundo]

conscious cacophony! music to my ears!


makes all the reruns and commercials worthwhile. Let's dance!

... oh and Bond, you're most tedious task awaits. Today you build! 6-8 hours, non-stop!


Not to worry, never fret,

the rewards from this are the best ones yet!


deeper and deeper...

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ 8va]

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ 15 va]


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Written by D. Bond   
Monday, 22 February 2010 20:26

Letter of Intent


Project [codename/working title]: IN THE PANTRY - Please DO not **use Wet Paint


prelude: solo multi-media performance


Dr. Doba - music & abstractions

Dr. Dabo - the speaker, [also thinker, philosopher, pontificateur]

Dr. Boda - body expert, sensationalist, "doors of perception"[hippie stoner]

Rev. Bado - "the Tibedoin Tarotist", doctor of sex & religion

Madame Céline Beday - secretary - played by a mannequin

the characters are realized by d'L [pronounced dee-elle], corporate lackey.

headdress of wire and white paper in the forms of platonic solids [sphere, cube, tetrahedron, et al] is worn by d'L when being channeled by the doctors.

doctors animated projections.

set includes white screens on rollers [used to indicate location change], chalkboard, piano.


ok gentlemen, another bloody proposal to write!


groan. on who's orders?


no one. just for fun.


that's the best kind.

Céline check the calendar. [she doesn't move] Nevermind I'll do it myself. I need moon dates for the rest of the year pronto!

If God gives us a schedule, well, we'd better hop to it!



since when do we believe in god?


only when its convenient.


i thought god was invented to take the blame!


yes, but usually he takes all the credit, naturally.

wouldn't you?


[Doba uses a syringe sliding along a go board to indicate pitches in his new "Requiem for Mr. Jones" ]


with scarcasm [sic] cutting deep as a razor blade ice skates, Dabo makes mental note of "the few rare things actually appreciated in this world" (adding to the 'familiar' & 'virtuosic')

1. youth

2. beauty 



too bad they're so ignorant, poor dears. the scars of that glorious gash will be more difficult to remove than the corns on Madame's feet!




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Written by D. Bond   
Wednesday, 24 February 2010 12:55


so let's go into this. we understand the idea of mind as that which is aware, the watcher, the solitary observer divided into innumerable parts, and from this define universe as 'other', or everything that is observed. the contents of mind are only universe, and the physical components of the machinery of mind are universe. mind observes universe and forms an image, reflection, creates memory and the space, awareness, capacity for manipulating images.

there is nothing external. universe is only divided in the processes of mind. 


video score will include traffic stoplights [red, yellow, green]


doba, what's that got to do with anything? & dabo, you contradict yourself again.

whereas, engrossed in sensation, i never do.


gentlemen, while on sabbatical, we work together right? let there be beautiful music here while waiting for the world to catch up. dabo, you're at a dead end in your categories. you want the space behind the eyes, the silence behind the walls, and its nowhere to be found.

doba, there's nothing we can't do in our limited way. patience as the wheel grinds out the consequences in the flesh. soon this whole new mind thump will subside. like a pebble in the water, force concentrated for a time, but watch the center rise and fall.

and boda if you don't get ur ass in gear, we're all toast.

so there it is. now let's move along. 

after a nap.


DOBA [restless jotting notes...]

the audience is led in through a maze, blindfolded.

remove blindfolds. reveal security check. handprints scanned, forced to wear green/blue jumpsuits.

scanned files used in performance.

videographed audience can be chroma-keyed out - all that's left is a sea of heads floating in...?


RV BADO snooping, inspects doba's scribbles

yess, and for the xxx version we scan whatever you want baby! 



pleasure has consequences. is all pleasure addiction?

love cannot be addiction.



yes, dabo. short. sweet. & pleasure must always be of time.

we may need you yet.



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Written by D. Bond   
Tuesday, 02 March 2010 11:26


 there is little in this world that is new.

yet somehow there always seems to be a way of revealing the next object of contemplation.


its hard for me to build everything i see, not even a small percent of it. i want the golden matrix folded, mapped out from 90 degrees to 360. see how it would make a field, with neither side touching the origin, the sides, and nothing in contradiction? then this is the representation of the whole, flat, interior.

within this are shells of octaves [2's] fifths [3's] thirds [5] and on along the prime string.

what bumpiness cannot be found with this?



here's a composition idea for you. have a sexy girl put sensors on her nipples. now describe the form of that composition! 

DR DOBA [ignoring the distraction]

and the field spins of course. spinning can be negated by the figure 8 track, [infinity loop]. i.e. there is no net motion.


"you know, i find seashells too & though their number are few and they may not be as bright and beautiful as those of Sir Isaac Newton, I am able to hold mine up to my ear. "



yes! cut & print!

the golden matrix, discovered during the 2010 Olympics in Canada. gifted to the world.

[BTW the closing ceremonies were nothing but embarrassing.


that goes for the opening too. naturally, you can't use a 4th. it is an affront to god to show them all at once. ask Bucky Fuller.


[puts on his shades]

but the Golden Matrix keeps us in the game.


7 labors * 2 = 14. mission accomplished - on both sides. 


... but you probably already knew all that too, right?



not sure, but if colour is RGB [we haven't deduced this so let's not pretend to understand], but with the parameters of the harmonic theory, colour is now 3 ratios a/b. The first ratio is the plane. The second ratio transposes to fill all of 3 dimensional space - the corner of the cube.

This is the interior of the rational number line! but the center is not 0,0 it's 1,1 and there's still polarity in that the two opposite spectra converge into the infinite on one side and the the infinitesimal on the other. 

and these are pinned in the same place.



A man in a crane is cutting huge branches

from the shadiest tree in the park.

It is certain to be a long hot summer.



the middle ground of the universe is "1/1"...



i can't tell if I'm coming or going. standing on my hands or walking in the air!


... universe cannot tell which side approaches infinity and which goes to nothing, ergo magnetic polarity...


we, that is to say, the bond institute, and all its faculties, is hereby declaring war by isolation.

come get us world ...


[RV BADO with glowing golden tooth, smiles]


if you dare! 


Acolyte Adob: sir, permission to study with you?

Dr Doba: are you a good listener?


sir, yes sir.


sing me a scale.


i cant. but it doesn't quite cut it...

8/6, 9/6, 10/6, 9/5, 8/4, 9/4, 10/4, 8/3, 9/3, 10/3, 7/2, 8/2, 9/2, 10/2, 11/2, 11/2



        o o
        o o o


that may in fact be the holy grail, sir.

DOBA [tearing up]

indeed, it may be. call me 'friend'.


DABO [oblivious to the new findings continues on...]

harmonically, everytime i find a tetrahedron, it must be folded along the unity. therefore the cube is a stable contradiction. the universe coordinate system is minimal in fuller, but stretchable, composed of the unity 1/1, 2/2, 3/3 etc. and the polar opposites as a straight line.

if i take 2 harmonic matrix stretched to 180, all of space is defined from 1/1



Presto chango!

The Bond Institute

I, Daryn Bond, command complete intellectual property rights over all devices made using the harmonic matrix and its flipside [inversion] for the purposes of making music.

Royalty payments are expected from all music using this instrumental mapping and tuning, be they buttons, touchpads, cameras, etc. credit is due, whatever! music using this particular tuning method and configuration is a new discovery.

this idea is an insight into music not yet seen before.

& I lay claim to this discovery.

nobody has listened to me yet. maybe the lawyers will.


copyright by internet publishing




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Written by D. Bond   
Wednesday, 03 March 2010 10:30


as that which dislikes change strives to remain inert, entire cycles of existence can be predicted, meaning enhanced and developed through repetition. we must never forget that novelty and excitement are not really desired at all. most everything simply wants the pleasures of yesterday repeated again and again.

people talk a good game about change, peace, happiness, excitement, learning, but really, these things are not at all the central issue. 


some translator of the bhagavad gita, possibly referencing Newton, uses the term 'dark inertia' to translate 'tamas'.


yes. the backwards current of all last year, last month, yesterday, sweeps a few back round again. it'll be fun to find out what messages, what new thoughts, ideas have arisen as we meet the past going past - in spite of the tedium.


[lietmotif; "come birds fly home to me"]


seeing as Doba's broken his silence and precept against speech, what is the work of the day?




hmmm. he sees to have reverted to giving us the silent treatment [Dabo leans in closely to listen to Doba's purring]

today, if i understand the meaning, is to explore drones and pulse. 


so let's throw down an anchor and begin again, ok?





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