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Written by D. Bond   
Friday, 27 November 2009 13:17

Showcase #2 - critique

"This shit's not even suitable for a housefly."

by p-Hans Allemonde


Compared to the "The Harmonic Theory" and the philosophical musings [see: "Egolessness"], this sculptural work of the Bond Institute is a piece of crap.

I dare not ask the more pressing question: "what makes you think I want the things you think I should want?"

p_hans allemonde

["it's not personal. i just hate everything"]

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ACT III - open the mirror PDF Print E-mail
Written by D. Bond   
Thursday, 10 December 2009 21:07


when its your time, the magic of life simply takes you.

[carousel music of the insane spirit clown zombies] takes you, it takes you, it takes you away.

in what way does music bear the imprint of the mind that made it?


FYI or, a gentle reminder: god, like elvis, has left the building.






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online opera: insitute minutes 09-12-22 - The Darkest Day PDF Print E-mail
Written by D. Bond   
Tuesday, 22 December 2009 14:49

The Darkest Day


1. all of your assumptions are likely wrong.

2. no one is interested. 

3. you go on alone.


what is worth knowing? what is worth doing?

do I understand the things I think I do? [ every term, every nuance? could I redevelop the entire if everything were destroyed, lost, stolen? if I needed to learn a new language?]

when something is beyond my technical skill, how can I accomplish it? do I need to learn how to do everything myself?


MUSING [armchair physics]

for a big bang to have occurred, it must have happened everywhere in the known universe, simultaneously [omni-presently]. and is still happening right now, and continues on into the future.

there is no way to measure a beginning. the infinite and the empty being indistinguishable from the infinitesimal and the dense. time is a vantage point. 

if one takes the beginning of time to be one infinitesimal piece that expands, one must also see that this is no different than being one infinitely large particle filling all of space that contracts and condenses, or differentiates itself, revealing levels of detail.

for such a structure, time has no meaning. neither does volume, density or space. the assumption that time, or light or any quality is absolute must be questioned. 

so energy is the expansive, gravity the contractive. matter is the frictive [?].

what is it that stops everything from falling into the sink hole, the whirlpool, or escaping into pure light space?

if gravity is MA, light PA, then matter is the matrix [?]

[please note, the language of mathematics is not the mind's primary mode of investigating or observing. it is a method of communication, of conveying meaning, of producing a result in the brain, transmitting information to bring about understanding]. how does the brain create or formulate knowledge of the absolute? the abstract?

logically, the brain must be operating and utilizing abstract concepts before any investigation into beginning or ending can occur. can one assume that the abstractions of science have any meaning without mind?

Seeing that the abstractions, laws of the universe are real, absolute and eternal, uncreated, un-originated, undying, one can [perhaps flippantly, but quite seriously] assert the mind and universe as the same.



the doors are locked sirs. we will remain here silently, absolutely, spaciously for 3 days. 

if no one can prevent this entombment, then will any knock at the door and offer release?



friends, there has been no attempt to steal your thunder, but to use our lightning and create fire to set the world ablaze.

why are you all so fearful?  so suspicious? condemning? skeptical?

speak quickly! even madmen and the murders have lessons to teach!

and I am sane.



in the body there is pain. confusion. intrusion. collusion.

this is no illusion. now freed from delusion.

stop attacking. I am not deficient.



carols and hymns: jingles of religion.

all this, a noise.



how else could the ultimate good and ultimate evil be represented in the life of only one?





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online opera: insitute minutes 09-12-23 PDF Print E-mail
Written by D. Bond   
Wednesday, 23 December 2009 11:31


what does it take to be a great artist in the world?

what are the roles and responsibilities? 

how is one to observe and participate in the creation? what is inspiration?


there is knowledge that passes through the mind. more than can ever be represented, even in verbal descriptions within the mind. what is the source of this imaginative capacity?


DR DOBA musing... dancing... posing...

DR BODA [interpreting the interpretive dance of Doba]

friends, if the world thinks the plans for our first [as of yet unattempted] symphony were complex, they should wait to hear about the sketch for the piano concerto! [laughs]

it'll make the Crusades look like a pleasant round of golf.


is it possible to never compose a wrong note? 


let me know if anyone should ever compose a right one!



gentlemen. it's time to get serious. all our lives we've been playing with toys. one should take very seriously the luxury of being able to occupy one's time with frivolous things.  now is the time to reflect, intensify efforts. if we are to be held prisoner here, then we must be serious. something is required. a gesture. an event. an object. the product must be beneficial, influential, honest, beautiful. Can we do this?


H[n,n] = x/y U y/x U x*y/n U n/x*y ?


yes, that should've been enough, but the implications are still being worked out here. it's all cantus firmus and organum, counterpoint. we need flourish, development, storyline, continuity!


sir, I don't see why that should be any kind of issue given the non-lineraity of understanding and procedural thinking. can't the masses roll with the punches? 


agreed. with endless repetition and variation the resonance of a process reveals deeper symbolic meaning. even something done daily is different each and every time. eventually the whole collapses, wholly into the black hole of reality. 


no sirs. order is necessary. absolute total scientific, mathematical, repeatable order, with proper prescrpitions, tools and practices. 


a legacy!


unfolds a hexagon, pinches out an octagon, sketches the logical diagram for the 'ASSUMPTION EATER'


Holy! This all stinks to high heaven. 

[5 minute bathroom break requested]





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online opera: institute minutes 10-01-00 PDF Print E-mail
Written by D. Bond   
Sunday, 03 January 2010 12:31



the grey king masquerades as a pawn for both sides. his movements do not betray his true nature - that is until he takes one small step backwards!

in this game, the queen dresses in drag, moves stepwise. infiltrates both sides.

in this way, both courts are captured simultaneously.

accomplished with no other pieces about, the dun harlequin, Hermaphrodite, smiles.



a question: under what logic have human beings assumed there is anything constant in the universe? is it not possible to assume, or take any of the characteristics of space-time and hold them constant and then observe a different, yet consistent, complexity?

for example, Newton assumed there was such a thing as 'a body at rest' and from there created a consistent system of physics that gave accurate results until very high velocities were applied.

similarly, conversely, complimentarily, Einstein assumed the speed of light to be absolute and from there found time and space to distort.

what proof is there that the speed of light is a constant. in vacuo  light has been measured to travel at almost 300,000 km/s. now, what if I took an atomic clock to a different gravitational field, and conducted the experiment. observing that time and space are still consistent regardless of gravity. now, is there a difference in the speed of light? a relationship proportional to the change in gravitational field?


Dabo! this kind of talk is not like you. what's up?


Doba and I are becoming more intimate.

DR DOBA [smiles]


eventually we'll all be reconstituted! reunified! reunited! harmonized!


sounds kinda gay...

... so let's throw a party! it'll be blast! a ball! the biggest bang for your doe and buck ever!


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