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Written by D. Bond   
Thursday, 06 January 2011 13:48



by way of definition: [artfully modified spectrum of] visible light wavelengths mapped to harmonic matrix relationships bound to a one octave range rendered using a sliding fundamental.
(below) arbitrary fundamental 1/1 chosen as the color blue for no particular reason. matrix sizes step up and back down the octave pyramid but are not represented aurally. [light research a noise. 2010-11. all rights reserved ©®†]

WARNING: No one should ever have to listen to that twice!

Thus an arbitrary starting point from within the spectrum is mapped to the relationship 1/1. 2/1 is assumed to have the same color. Brightness is suggested to represent octave relationships.

1/1 could be any arbitrary assignment. I choose green [480 nm in the image I use] as 1/1 [for a variety of reasons].

I suppose one day I should take 440 cycles/sec and multiply by 2 until the number comes to within the frequency of light, and from that calculate the wavelength of a precise assignment.

One sec. Working on it now.

log(4.05*10^14)/log(2) = 48.5249152

(2^.5249152) = 1.438849


oh no! the calculations for the above videos are quite possibly imprecise.

sigh. back to the drawing board...



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