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Written by D. Bond   
Monday, 09 August 2010 16:48

Thanks to all who attended the Bond Institute Annual General Meeting. The Institute is pleased to announce it is already busy procrastinating with regard to all the resolutions passed at the meeting.

Ostensibly, it is thinking, reformulating and boiling down the harmonic matrix into the language of mathematics.

Rotated 90º [but still not entirely correct]

Having already made numerous errors, [or 'imprecisions' - incorrectly describing the Sa series, calling a hyperplane a hypercube, believing the lambdoma to be an original discovery [now knowing it is not, my faith in humanity restored], etc.] we proceed with caution.

Constructing this multi-dimensional model for harmony was the easy part [taking me only about 3 years -see how lazy I am?]. Exploration, explanation, application and implications, will take time.

There is a hunch that the set of values r of a circle magnitude m oscillating from 1/r2 to r2 is related to probability amplitudes of quantum physics, but WTF do I know?

Strange thing is that the model works best when quantized. Theoretically the reals could be used, but then the model breaks, with limits approaching 0 & ∞. Quantize it to the integers and the function is smooth, continuous, well-defined. 

The model presents a mapping strategy of creating all the rationals from the integers, similar to the complex mapping of the cartesian plane.

The only thing I can say for sure, is that this theory does not include 0 or infinity, ever. In this system there is no 'body at rest', no 'absolute zero', etc. What this means in terms of distance, motion, energy etc. is being worked out, albeit, incredibly slowly. 

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