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Written by D. Bond   
Thursday, 17 December 2009 17:28

Just in time for the holiday season, Dr. Doba of the Bond Institute brings you 3 x-cruciating pieces, specifically designed to bring you to a state of blissful despondency.

Festivalis Harmonia, in 3 sections, i. obligato, ii. vindicatum, iii. alleluia [in absentium] spans 3 CDs, lasting over 2 hours - just shy of 130 minutes.

The music features minimal applications of the Harmonic Matrix Theory, limited with respect to pitch, rhythm and formal considerations, to produce a repetitive, incessant, perhaps grating, yet oddly soothing sonic environment to fill your holidays with the incalcuable joy of cynical skepticism [or is it skeptical cynicism?].

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Here's what the other institute doctors are saying about the music:

i. obligato  "like a tacky christmas tree ornament or side of beef, to be hung from a tree until someone complains about the smell." - Rev. Bado 

ii. vindicatum "like a seasonal christmas commercial, to be played until someone yells, 'for the love of the bébé jesus, would someone change the god damned channel.'" - Dr. Boda

iii. alleluia "the kind of angelic screeching you get only when god, like elvis, has left the building." - Dr. Dabo.

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