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Written by D. Bond   
Monday, 07 December 2009 12:33

[when at a loss, use the old technology.]

d: inevitably i ask where does life come from? where did i come from? almost as a response to the initial reaction of being alive.

but then, usually, i stop asking. a shame really.

but to take this theme up for a while, one could go through a long discussion of processes and development, talk of evolution, competition, survival, etc. and go on to talk of conditioning and responses...

before this point one could also talk of the flow of elements, various timescales of seeing, the notion that a sphere is also not a ball in 3-d but equally not a long stream in time, or a pyramid [cone] cascading into the past [the surface we live on in 4-d is flat, naturally.]

in this regard the idea of delay is important, the notion of obstruction, the forming of a pouch, a pocket, a place where a substance must gather before moving through, a bladder, a valve. stress, pressure, reservoir, bumpiness

the concept of division, branching out of materials, and recombination. for example, the breath, the heart, rivers, 

oscillation, irregularity, variation, inequality,

with this comes temperature.

[the seasons, orbits, growth cycles, increase and decline, ]

what symmetry in subtle conflict? where is the first imbalance in equality?

in fact i may be of the opinion that there are no two objects are ever equal; like snowflakes, no two hydrogen molecules are ever the same. can i prove this? no, but it'd be fun trying.

i'd have to stop at the marvelous property of water to freeze, flow, evaporate, and boil. some wonders are too beautiful to behold!

and let's not even begin to talk of rainbows!

or music.



for me, it always begins with shade and clouds.

the horizon, water & sky.

within the span of millions of years/second, what is the landscape but an ocean of mud? the great forests but nose hairs, a mold skimming along a swirling soup?

its all so sketchy in language, but in the movement of thought, what pictures have come to mind in reading these words?

what do i need to understand first, the way atoms combine or the way these images arise?

i offer this formula in response, a question in the form of a statement: what is creation and who is the creator.


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