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Written by D. Bond   
Wednesday, 02 September 2009 10:54

 Standing Agenda:

 1. appoint/annoint chairperson

2. update from each research department

3. grilling of the dirt bags

4. revise action plan

5. boast

6. bit o' fun

7. get to work [wrok ? types easier, nice word]

8. adjourn - lather/ rinse/ repeat


Dabo volunteers as speaker/ chairperson - as usual.




Who has that kind of power here? What the hump? 

Rv. Bado:

Each of us can veto the other, Dabo. We all know that.


Of course, sir, but... precedence? [petulant] You always let me before.


Not this time. I must talk too, sir, and Doba will compose, Bado will teach his lessons too. We must all have our turns today.


Then who will chair this mess? Celine?!

[At the mere mention of her name, Céline screams, runs from room in tears, sobbing en français, leaving her Platinex Platforms© behind.]

Guess we shouldn't have posted those nekkid pictures of the poor lass on the trans-universal Hypnagog© yesteryear. Poor girl wants to change her name, shave her head, live in a cave, so embarassed.

BTW, who exactly was responsible for that atrocity against humanity?


Don't look at me!


[whistles non-chalantly: 'sophisticated lady']


[beams beatifically]


Innocent, by mutual conspiracy!


Mr. Chan Djin, a.k.a. Chairperson Meow-mentum, a.k.a the Golden Karmakat is produced by divisive momentum of the complicit docteurs. The brilliant beam seen best only as the shade of gravity, the tunnel of time, the lethargy of light, obviously [obliviously] obnoxious, obscurely omnipotent, distinctly directive. The medial ground manifests magnificent momentum.

Chairperson Meow:

Dr. Boda, you're up first.


Sirs, we've discovered a new planet of subservient monkeys, replete with the ability to copy, mimic, transmit messages endlessly - and totally without any kind of comprehension, or visible effect on the behaviour of the vessel of transmission, that being, the monkey or its culture. We're looking for permission to begin experiments on them, test out a few modificatory suggestions, hygienic practices, cleansing rituals, etc.

Rv. Bado



Hold on there. I say, you are looking for permission to experiment on these beings? Is that ethical?


For a 'go-ahead' sir, yes. But ethics is your department, in deference to the fact that you know nothing of ethics and everything of logic.


But we've located these beings? And observed this behaviour?


Yes, of course.


Then the experiments have already begun.  My lectures! Doba's compositions! Bado's bawdy brawl! Your beatificisms!


#b eh?


What are we wasting time with seeking anything, let alone approval of this 'bored' board.


We're much too busy to get anything done!


Chairperson MeowMix [as the 4 doctors begin exiting stage left, right & centers]:

What of the rest of the meeting?


Meting? What meting?





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