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Written by D. Bond   
Wednesday, 29 July 2009 16:58

In a THAI-TANIC STRUGGLE the BIG BROWN TURD is toppled by an exposition on morality by the KARMA KAT.

Apparently playing white [N.B. it is not easy to tell when playing the classic MIRROR OPPOSITION tactic, especially if the opposition's reflexes are good, which side one plays in Harmonic Go until a harmony [hormony?]or discord arises, thereby revealing the structure of the composition] the Karma Kat called upon the power of the WHITE MOUNTAIN SONG to repel the MAMA KEY ARIA. A new lesson is learned:

the MOUNTAIN KING was sacrified in effort to utilize his foremost SAGE BLUE-EVEN to rescue the game with a spark of depth that brought the lesser PHILO-MENTALS to their knees, so to speak, defeating the EMPTY-DO-NUTTIN' CHORUS band of meditating philo-so-gasbags claiming supreme something or other.

long tea break, GREY FAN sighs,

snores, bores, whores

endless chores... 

Karma Kat leads 2:1 


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